New Sensory Impairment group now up and running in Rotherham

Hi again everyone ..... I am very pleased to be able to tell you that a new group called Rotherham Sight and Sound (RSS) have been set up in the Rotherham area by Sheffield Royal Society for the Blind (SRSB).

SRSB are now providing sensory services on behalf of the council and will shortly be opening RSS premises in the town centre for people to meet, socialise and join activity groups.

The current Rotherham members meet on a weekly basis and have a great time doing all the above and I am sure the number of events and social groups will increase over time as it has done in Sheffield.

Anyone interested in joining or wanting to find out more can contact SRSB on 0114 272 2757 and ask to speak to Joanne.

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Reply to stevieboy by Amy Rollitt

That's fab news. I'll spread the word :)

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Reply to Amy Rollitt by stevieboy

Hi Amy ........ Cheers for the reply and offer to spread the word :-)

I understand from your other posts that you volunteer at SRSB .... Well done !!!!

I don't get over to Sheffield very much but do you use the centre on a regular basis ???? It offers such a lot to many and we are hoping that the new RSS centre will do the same when it's up and running ... Hopefully not too long now although we currently meet in another venue on a weekly basis.

Cheers for now ..... Steve

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I'll be joining the team at RSS as the Technology Trainer on August 28th. Everyone seems so welcoming and I can't wait to meet everyone involved, not only pass on my skills but learn even more.

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Hi there and welcome to RSS.

The social group who meet on Fridays is growing in momentum as the word is now getting out to the local community. Only yesterday another Guide Dog owner, who I don't know, made contact and will be joining us when she gets back from her holiday.

I know you will be kept busy so get ready !!!!