Customer Experience Guru

We are seeking volunteers from the community who are passionate about excellent customer service.

As a member of our team of Customer Experience Gurus, you will be a critical friend, a partner and a pioneer. You will help us to deliver high standards of customer service, learn from our experience and improve what we do.

Role Summary
You will be working with RNIB managers and teams on a pilot project to ensure our services are delivered to the highest possible standards, and to support development of new customer initiatives, such as piloting new services, or changes to the way we deliver some of our existing services.

This role forms part of the way that we involve diverse groups of blind and partially sighted people to steer our direction. Specifically, in this role it will include monitoring our performance against the standards our customers expect from us (known as Our Service Promises).

What’s involved?

We are looking for people who can commit to being involved at least once a month for a minimum of 12 months. Most of what you will be doing for us is on the phone or by email so it is essential you are able to use both of these.

We will share information with you that is the same or very similar to what our managers review. We want our Customer Experience Gurus to consider the information from a customer viewpoint and then share thoughts and ideas with us. There will be opportunities to participate in mystery shopping exercises, gather feedback directly from customers, pilot and co-design new customer initiatives.

To summarise, the main activities will be:
1. Conduct mystery shopping and customer feedback exercises
2. Read and review customer feedback
3. Help to pilot new customer initiatives
4. Contribute to meetings with managers to discuss the feedback and make recommendations.

We expect there will be some telephone meetings or planned activity once a month.

No prior experience or knowledge is required, just an ability to focus on the experience of a customer, and a collaborative attitude to working within the people and resources available to RNIB.

Training will be available which will introduce the Gurus to a framework for reflecting on and evaluating customer experiences. This can be delivered face to face or remotely depending on the availability of each individual.

Please let us know if you are interested in doing all or part of this exciting and important role. Contact or call 0303 1234 555. We will need your contact information and we would also like you to say a little about yourself to help us select the first group of people to take part in this pilot before we roll it out wider.

thanks Natalie

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Sounds like a splendid idea Natalie.