Please fill out this short survey!

Hello everybody!

My name is Lucy, and I'm a psychology undergraduate student at Bath Spa University.

I am currently recruiting participants for my dissertation study, which is on what makes someone choose a specific romantic partner.

Please may you fill out this short survey - it shouldn't take any longer than 20 minutes. Anyone can take part, just as long as they're older than 18!

Thank you very much.

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Reply to lucy_tompkins by Natalie - Moderator

Hi Lucy, this sounds interesting, hopefully some people will enjoy completing it. Could I ask how long the survey is open for?
Could you also say if the survey has been tested for accessibility and if people cant complete it via this link are there any options for them completing the survey in a different way?
Many thanks and good luck Natalie

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Reply to Natalie - Moderator by lucy_tompkins

Hi Natalie!
The survey is open till December 2018. Yes, the survey has been tested with a screen reader; that was how we were able to estimate the time it takes to complete the survey. If anyone cannot access the link, then they can email me on and we can arrange another way to complete the survey.
Thank you very much!