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Good evening everyone. I would like to gain knowledge on how much longer you can use the old £5 and £10 notes. Also, the old £1 coins. I no longer have the paper banknotes and pound coins; the ones I get now are all new. Is it true that you can use the old pound coins until 15 October 2017 and the paper £10 notes until Spring 2018? I know that the old £5 notes went out of circulation ages ago. Thanks.

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Hi Lela Not totally certain regarding this, but i think you can still use the notes and one pound coins for several more months yet. Rob

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Okay. Thanks.

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Hi Lela,

You are about right. Deadline for £1 is next Sunday though you can still take them to a bank after that date. £10 deadline is set for next spring but the date has yet to be announced. We should get a three month warning though.

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Thank you. I really appreciate this useful piece of information.