Is it only me who is baffled by the complete lack of empathy/help for anyone undegoing sight loss from government depts/offices and bureacracy - don't tell me this is a caring society. It still is just dog eat dog especially for those single professionals with no family aid.
I have eye surgery - off work for recovery - get various helplines and links etc MOST of which are set up to 'tick boxes' to say THEY are doing something rather than any PRACTICAL help. When I do regain some sight (in the interim between eye surgery) I return to work for two weeks - in that time tax is INSTANTLY taken from any income ( I never begrudge this if it helps others) BUT when I actually needed help for once ( after about 19 years serving others as a primary school teacher) I am spoiling what little remaning sight I have following vitrectomy by straining to read bureacratic forms, letters, bills, ringing numbers - the effort I had to personally make just to literally survive ( i didnt even have the money for the bus fare to the hospital when all this began and had to drive myself with half retina peeling off )when all this happened compared to how readily they take money from me when I am able to return to work beggars belief. The time, the PROLONGED AND UNNECCESARY WAITING when you are already traumatised by what has happened????
it's appaling in 2017 in what SHOULD be a caring society.

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Hi Claire Very sorry to read about everything that you have had to go through, and unfortunately i don't think you are alone as this kind of thing seems to crop up a lot from people who are suffering from sight loss. I am not sure where you live, but how good is the support provided for you by your local blind association etc? Very much hope thing imporve for you soon. Robin

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Hi clairobics. Yes I would have to agree with you to some extent. RNIB have done a lot of work and are still doing to fund or influence Eye Clinic Liasion Officers (also known as ECLOs) in quite a few hospitals around the UK. These should in theory be the first point of contact in order to sign post people on to other services that where possible help you with any dealings with government departments. But yes I have seen it myself where people have been on a course to understand more about living with sight loss and the course was held in three neighbouring county so some attendees where surprised what services where available compared to their own local authority.
True it also takes time to understand that different formats of written material should now be available like large print or audio CD and the plethora of benefits and Concessions that are available, but unfortunately need applying for and thus more form filling to get.

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I would also add that if you need help in filling in forms particularly an application for Personal Independenxe Payment and cannot get it locally or support is delayed from your local authority then contact the RNIB helpline on 0303 123 9999. They should be able to give you help in filling this form in order to apply for additional money that can help it purchasing equipment such as large button phoned or magnifiers or use towards the cost of Taxis.

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Thanks for your replies but it is more to do with the time taken and the 'swings and roundabouts' you have to negotiate just to get a smidgeon of any kind of help when you are half blind? I strongly belioeve most orfanisations still assume and rely that those who have experienced vidual impairment automaitcally have help from firends and family around them and this is simply not the case. You only also have to look at the situation of young carers in this country for those who do have/are in families to see most organisations pay lip service have advertising campaigns and numerous phone lines and links that are suposed to help but that there are so many young carers who should in fact be able to live their own livesd too and put their education and development first.
Not much has changed since Dickensian times in this country and with this present govenrment it doesnt look like it's changing any time soon.

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Yes, I agree with what you are saying. I believe it is a number of factors including both an axing population or people living longer, plus people living with disabilities that they would not have lived many years ago because of medical advances. All this has large demands on services and therefore costs. There are to many different reasons to say the whys and wherefores of the issues to discuss why services are inadequate or not delivered effectively in a timely manner to those who need it most. But yes I agree services are patchy and aren't necessarily delivered to those who should or ought to have them.

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That was unfair for you. You shouldn’t have had to deal with stressful things like this. I am always around if your in need of a chat and some support.