'Tis the Season.

So I thought I'd be first to post on this board and wish everyone a Merry Christmas and ask everyone what makes them feel Christmassy! For me once the decorations are up I start getting that feeling but it made me think, what else gets people into the mood, and were I to lose any more of my vision so that I couldn't see the ridiculous amount of tinsel and lights in the tiny 1-and a bit bedroom house my wife and I share, what would be my replacement "Christmas trigger"?

Thoughts, anyone?

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Listening to Christmas music, TV programmes, adverts and films. Also, going to Christmas meals. I feel festive just thinking about it now.

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For me, it is putting up the Christmas decorations at home. Once the Christmas tree and lights are up, Christmas can officially begin!

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I love opening up a window of my Advent Calindar every day too. My younger sister both have a Lint one, while our younger brother has the Kinder one this year. I am the eldest out of the three of us.

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I meant to say that my sister and I both have a Lint Advent Calindar this year.

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I like listening to a lot of the Christmas songs as long as they're not played to death. Also knowing that films like It's A Wonderful Life are on the telly. This is the ultimate feel good Christmas movie for me as sometimes to be honest I feel quite alone in my own world at this time of year.

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Any and all versions of "A Christmas Carol" do it for me. Saw "Scrooged" for the first time in years the other night. Hoping to watch the Ross Kemp version and, of course, The Muppets, before Christmas Day.