Quick Polls

Why not share your opinion in our new fortnightly Quick Poll! It will take you less than a couple of minutes to complete and the polls will cover a range of things. Some questions are just for fun, some will be topical, others will help inform decisions within RNIB. There will be something for everyone.

Use this link to access the most up-to-date poll anytime: www.surveymonkey.co.uk/r/connectquickpoll or call the Connect team to complete it over the phone, 0303 1234 555.

The results and what they might mean for all of us will be posted below.

If you want to suggest a poll, please do so below, or get in touch with the Connect team via connect@rnib.org.uk

If you’re keen to share your opinions or experiences in other ways, perhaps visit the Play your Part board.

Remember to check our House Rules before commenting.

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