The results are in......

The results are now in from RNIB Connects very first Quick Poll, thanks to everyone to took part.

Question 1.
It's RNIB's 150th Anniversary this year! What activities, events or promotion would you like to see happening to celebrate this great achievement?

As we imagined, the responses to this question were mixed and varied and as we only had a few responses we couldn’t really see any common ideas but some of the things mentioned were discounts on products, working alongside other organisations, talks on past and future RNIB and new mascots in the shape of the Minions has been suggested.
Thanks to those of you who took time to make some suggestions, we will send your responses to the relevant team for future planning.

Question 2.
Did you make a New Year’s Resolution this year?
Overall 77% of you don’t make New Year’s Resolutions, with the rest of the responses being about either giving up something or improving your health. One comment, which I would personally agree with said that if you decide to do something why not just do it. They didn’t think you needed to wait for New Year’s.

Thanks for taking part, hope you enjoyed it and if you didn’t get chance this time, why not have a go now! Click this link to give your opinion on the next Quick Poll -

thanks Natalie

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I’ll do it.

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The results are now in to the second poll. As a reminder, the question was: If medical advances meant that your sight could be restored to 20:20 vision with no risks, catches or problems. Would you...?

The results were:
64.4% of you said you would leap at the opportunity
11.9% said you wouldn't change anything
23.7% said you'd need to think about it

A number of you left comments on this subject, which was very interesting and this is the analysis of those comments:

Driving and independence to get about
One of the strongest themes to come through was wanting the ability to drive. Some people who had never been able to were curious to know what it would be like and those that had driven before said they wanted it back in their lives. This also tended to relate to wanting to, “go wherever I want, whenever I want”. Some people want to take away the anxiety or planning that comes with having to plan how they get around independently.

Sight loss has shaped people and their lives
Whether people wanted their sight back or not, many people acknowledge that having sight loss had made them the people they are today, or given them experiences, careers, the encounters with new people/friends or the wider sight loss community that wouldn’t have been the case if they had been sighted. For some people who had never had, “perfect sight”, they said they didn’t yearn for it as they didn’t know better, even so, some people who had sight loss from birth still said they would take the option to have sight if it were possible.
Those that didn’t want their sight back did not want to change the person they were or the life they had and they felt sight would change this. Either way, people acknowledged the positive things that the experience of not having 20:20 has given them.

Unsure about what having 20:20 vision would be like
Whether people wanted their sight back or not, those that had not had 20:20 vision for a long time or at all weren’t sure what the experience of having "perfect vision" would be like. People also said that either getting 20:20 vision for the first time or regaining it would be an adjustment, just as losing sight is an adjustment. A few people said they would be nervous to have "full sight", especially, as mentioned already, because they were not sure how it would impact on the person they are today.

Missing their sight and independence
For a few people, they felt the loss of vision had changed their lives and they wanted their old life back or to be able to be "independent again" or to do things they had done before.

Life changes impacting on the decision
A few people said that at one time they wouldn’t have wanted their sight back but now they would. For example, because they now had a child and they sight to experience certain things with that child, like being able to see their drawings.