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Reading is important to all of us. If you’re struggling to read because of your sight, we’ve got plenty of solutions to help, whatever your tastes and reading preferences.

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You can help to end isolation for blind and partially sighted people with the freedom to read again.

Register to sponsor a Talking Book and give a lifeline to someone locally with sight loss.

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Man Booker Prize 

RNIB are very proud to work with the Booker Prize Foundation to ensure blind and partially sighted people have access to the best literature of our times through the Man Booker Prize.

People with sight loss have a limited choice of books in accessible formats. They often have to wait much longer than their sighted peers for books to be made available to them and there are many more that they will never have the chance to read. RNIB is working closely with the Booker Prize Foundation to change this story.

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Celebrating 80 years of Talking Books

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